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Ginza MU Clinic is an independent private practice located in the heart of Tokyo – Ginza that provides a No-Scalpel Vasectomy NSV procedure. NSV delivers a lifetime of protection in one office procedure. A fully private, reservation-only clinic dedicated to upholding the highest international standards of male surgical care in vasectomy while making this a simple, safe, and comfortable procedure for all. Ginza MU Clinic was formerly located in Ebisu but now moved to Ginza with a brand new office as of July 2018.

Manabu Ueno M.D., director of Ginza MU Clinic is a dedicated and leading NSV practitioner who has performed over 2500 vasectomies in 15 years for patients from all over Japan, The United States, England, New Zealand, and Germany. Born in Fukuoka and graduated from a private medical school Showa University in Tokyo, Dr. Ueno currently works as the Chief in Urology for Prostate Unit at the Fujieda Heisei Memorial Hospital in Shizuoka. His earlier years were spent in London, UK at the Institute of Urology and St. Peters Hospitals of University College London UCL.

Schedule a private consultation directly with Dr. Ueno to learn about your options and have all of your questions answered in English. Consultation and the vasectomy procedure are performed on the same day. Please book for consultation if you would like to request a visit before the operation.


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Procedure Fee No Cards Accepted

Surgery · Medicine · Semen examination 220,000JPY

※Tax included

About “Quick Reference”

“Conventional vasectomy” vs. “No Scalpel Vasectomy” Skin incision Cut by Scalpel vs. No Incision (punctured) Intra-operative technique Complicated vs. Simple procedure Surgical time Longer vs. shorter Post op Pain More pain vs. Less pain Recovery Less quickly vs. More quickly

Complication rate 5-10% vs. Less than 1%

About “NSV Procedure – Simple Explanation”

The technique of No scalpel Vasectomy uses some special instruments to grasp the vas through the scrotal skin to hold the vas firmly under the skin Then another special instrument to make a tiny hole in the skin just over the vas and spread the surrounding tissue
The vas is then pulled up and out and all the tissue around vas is cleaned off Once the vas is clear then titanium clips are placed for blocking the vas The vas is cut and cauterized between the clips
Small segment is removed preventing vas grown back together

The vas is placed back into scrotum

About “Local Anesthesia – Key to Less Painful Procedure”

Three Steps of anesthesia

  1. Topical local anesthetic cream onto scrotum skin
  2. No needle local anesthetic injector (jet spray)
  3. Spermatic nerve blockade by local anesthetic agent during op

Intra / Post operative Pain are controlled effectively 
Almost “Pain-free” Procedure

About “No Stitches”

The perforation ( key hole )is sealed with no need for sutures
A bandaid are placed

About “No strict regulations after procedures “

You can take shower on the same day
Okay for Ejaculation in a few day 
Okay for Sexual intercourse in a week under contraception 
Note Avoid bathing or swimming in two weeks

About “Semen Test”

You are asked to bring semen in the test tube which is provided on the day of surgery in approximately a month’s time
Usually two or four months test are the time in US clinic
A month is enough to check semen with or without of sperms by microscopic examination 
Microscopic examination is done by Dr UENO himself to determine NSV completed or not


No scalpel vasectomy under no needle anesthesia and no stitches is less invasive surgery